EIA Compatibility Matrix

The following compatibility matrix has been designed to highlight which Matched-Pair Antibody Sets for ELISA (EIA) are appropriate for use with the VisuCal™ Antigen Calibrator Plasma and the VisuLize™ Buffer Pak, which will create a 4-5 plate ELISA kit.


Paired Antibody Set

Catalogue #

VisuCal™ Antigen Calibrator Plasma – assigned values for:

Strip Well Plates (5×96 well)

Coating Buffer

Blocking Buffer

Wash Buffer

Sample Diluent

Substrate Buffer

OPD Tablets

Fibrinogen FG-EIA
Murine Fibrinogen MFG-EIA
Rabbit Fibrinogen RBFG-EIA not required diluted
Prothrombin FII-EIA not required
Factor V FV-EIA
Factor VII FVII-EIA diluted
Factor VIII:C F8C-EIA limited utility with EIA accessory products
Canine FVIII:C CFVIII-EIA limited utility with EIA accessory products
von Willebrand Factor VWF-EIA
Factor IX FIX-EIA limited utility with EIA accessory products
Canine FIX CFIX-EIA limited utility with EIA accessory products
Factor X FX-EIA
Murine Factor X MFX-EIA
Kininogen KN-EIA diluted
Prekallikrein PK-EIA
Factor XIII FXIII-EIA diluted
Protein C PC-EIA
Protein C Inhibitor PCI-EIA
APC-Protein C Inhibitor Complex APCPCI-EIA
α1-Antitrypsin A1AT-EIA
APC-α1-Antitrypsin Complex APCAT-EIA
Protein S PS-EIA
Antithrombin ATIII-EIA not required diluted
Murine Antithrombin MATIII-EIA not required diluted
Thrombin-Antithrombin Complex TAT-EIA
Heparin Cofactor II HCII-EIA
Thrombin-Heparin Cofactor II Complex THCII-EIA
β2-Glycoprotein-I (Apolipoprotein-H, APO-H) APOH-EIA not required
Plasminogen PG-EIA
Murine Plasminogen MPG-EIA
Tissue Plasminogen Activator TPA-EIA