Abnormal Hemostasis Control Plasmas

Mid-Level and High-Level Abnormal Control Plasmas

Routine Hemostasis Control Plasmas

Our freeze-dried or lyophilized hemostasis abnormal control plasmas are intended for use in the quality control of routine coagulation assays in the mid-level and high-level abnormal ranges. The VisuCon-L Coag Screen ABN 1 is a mid-level abnormal plasma and the VisuCon-L Coag Screen ABN 2 is a high-level abnormal plasma. Both are made of citrated human pooled normal plasma that has been depleted of specific clotting factors. The plasma is buffered with 0.05M HEPES buffer, as well as stabilizing agents, dispensed and lyophilized. These control plasmas are intended for use in the monitoring of the performance of PT and APTT assays in the mid-level and highly abnormal ranges.

Product Features:

  • This product is CE Marked for in vitro diagnostic use.
  • Stable for 24 hours on board or at 2-8°C.
  • Frozen Control Plasmas are easily reconstituted with water and compatible with all coagulation analyzing equipment.
  • The VisuCon-L Coag Screen N is a cost effective solution in routine coagulation testing where assay values are set internally.
Product Catalogue No. Size Product Insert
VisuCon™-L Coag Screen ABN 1 – mid-level LCSAB101 10 x 1ml Abnormal Pooled Plasma
VisuCon™-L Coag Screen ABN 2 – high-level LCSAB201 10 x 1ml High Abnormal Pooled Plasma